Aleph Alpha acquires software assets of Lengoo and appoints Christopher Kränzler as VP Product

08. May 2024, Heidelberg

Aleph Alpha, the leading generative AI developer in Europe, today announced that it acquires some software assets of Berlin-based Lengoo, an enterprise platform for generative AI systems, to expand its product portfolio. As part of this transaction several employees of Lengoo will join Aleph Alpha. 

For more than five years, Lengoo has been commercializing generative AI systems designed to support global industry leaders in six countries in adopting AI securely. It’s plug&play AI platform “HALOS Console” allows customers to fine-tune any baseline model with its proprietary data and operate sovereign, custom LLMs in a self-service way. Lengoo’s out-of-the-box web-app “Flow” empowers knowledge workers, making the work more efficient, and enabling continued growth. 

“Lengoo’s team brings many years of experience in software engineering, fine-tuning and understanding enterprise requirements for AI solutions.” says Jonas Andrulis, founder and CEO of Aleph Alpha. “Based on a strong alignment in mission and values, the integration of Lengoo’s team and technology into Aleph Alpha will complement our capabilities to bring sovereign human-centric AI into enterprises at scale.” 

As part of the transaction, Aleph Alpha is excited to announce the appointment of Lengoo’s Co-founder, CEO & CPO, Christopher Kränzler, as the new Vice President of Product. He will play a key role in bringing Aleph Alpha’s technology into production and driving real value for customers. After finishing his studies at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and Columbia University, NY, USA, focusing on Data Science, Christopher Kränzler returned to Germany to found Lengoo. He holds a seat on the Board of Directors of Bitkom e.V. and is an avid speaker on the topics of AI and digitalization.  

“With Aleph Alpha’s strong research background and our experience in customizing AI systems for enterprises, this is a perfect match. My team and I very much look forward to supporting the incredibly talented team at Aleph Alpha in productizing existing and future research findings and driving the adoption of generative AI in enterprises and governments together”, says Christopher Kränzler. 

About Aleph Alpha

Aleph Alpha was founded in 2019 with the mission to research and build the foundational technology for an era of strong AI. The team of international scientists, engineers, and innovators researches, develops, and deploys transformative AI like large language and multimodal models and runs the fastest European commercial AI cluster. Its generative AI solutions are the prime choice for enterprises and governmental institutions seeking to retain independence, secure their data, and build trustworthy solutions. 

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